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Writing update

What’s really happening is that I’m working on an idea for a novel. I’m a perfectionist, you see, so even this simple task, which should probably only take a couple of weeks, has been ongoing for a few years now. I know what I want it to be, I can ‘see’ it in my mind’s eye, but I can’t spell it out for myself. I wish someone else would.

How do I know what I’m thinking until I see what I say?

Well, that’s just it. I have to say it in some way, shape or form eventually. Let me try…

  • it has something to do with stars, either as a metaphor or imagery or something
  • it’s set in an enclosed space
  • man vs man.

I’ve been holding on to this nugget of information for too long. It needs to grow into something more or it will ‘burn out’ before it has a chance to shine.

Just a frustrated post to myself really, but if you take anything away from it, let it be this: say what you want, it’s the only way to know what it is. 

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  1. I can relate so strongly to your plight. I have 70 000 words written to a book but I’m frozen. I’m frozen because I’m not quite certain what I want the events to say. I find it crippling. I searching for the courage to start something new and share, share, share, until my confidence builds.

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