My name is Adriana, and I am a writer of fiction and the odd wee poem.

I study Creative Writing at Falmouth University. In my spare time, I like to go for walks in nature and drink lots of coffee.

So far, I have worked on a couple of publishing collaborations with the National Trust and Falmouth University and enjoyed my experience in the publishing world.

I am also a contributor to FalWriting, where I interview other writers and talk about my experience as a student, as well as showcasing some of my own work.


I created this blog in order to capture my writing through time, and I also want to be able to share it easily with others.


On As I Write, I talk about the many aspects of my writing life, such as my aspirations and goals, the nitty-gritty, self-doubt and more.

I hope you will find the contents exciting and that you will share them with others!

Adriana Ciontea