After The Storm – Photography Showcase

In February last year, storm Doris hit Cornwall. Minutes after the rain stopped, I went outside to see the aftermath. I wasn't expecting to find so much beautiful scenery.


Coffee and Literature Have a Lot More in Common Than You Think

Over the years, coffee has proven itself as one of the most reliable companions to fiction. This has been documented in many instances. There is a brilliant poem by Richard Brautigan from Revenge of the Lawn. It starts as follows: 'Sometimes life is merely a matter of coffee and whatever intimacy a cup of coffee affords.' I … Continue reading Coffee and Literature Have a Lot More in Common Than You Think

Hitting the Writing ‘Reset’

This storm in a cup has been brewing a long time. It's time I hit 'Reset' on my writing life and enjoy a cup of decaf instead. There comes a point in most writers' lives when they feel self-doubt creeping in. As with most other things, this is a perfectly normal response to the act of … Continue reading Hitting the Writing ‘Reset’

Review: Netflix’s Riverdale

What makes CW's Riverdale such a great hit? With the quick approach of the second season's finale, I wanted to share what I love most about this show! But first, why is this YA mystery drama such a hit with audiences of all ages? Is it the great look of the show? Maybe. The great … Continue reading Review: Netflix’s Riverdale